Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swapnote Update Now Available on the eShop

A new update is now available for Swapnote. To download, find the application within the eShop, click on it, then select "To Update Screen" then follow the instructions on screen.  The download is only 81 blocks, so it should only take a few seconds.

Some of what's new with this update:
  • At first start up, the app will ask if it can send anonymous data about how you use the application to improve future products. Option to enable or opt out available.
  • You can now use a different color on each page of a message
  • Take photos and record audio while writing, no longer required to import from SD card
  • You can now filter your notes by who sent them, to quickly find a note from a certain sender.
  • Delete multiple notes at once
  • Pressing the 'B' button now has an undo/redo function
  • After writing a message, press the 'A' button to see how it will be played back
  • A bubble beside each message will indicate how many replies it has received
  • (Not sure if this was available before) Slide the Circle pad left to slow down writing/drawing animations from notes, or slide the circle pad right to speed up the animation 

These are all the updates I was able to fine, if you find anymore, let me know!